The Best Days

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I have changed recently. It seems like it was forever ago when I graduated high school, even though I just finished my first semester of college. I think it feels like it was so long ago because I’ve changed so much. I’ve done so much. I’ve experienced and grown, matured, learned, and been apart of so much since high school. I remember towards the end of my senior year I was reflecting on how much I had changed throughout high school. Little did I know that wouldn’t even compare to the change that would come the summer after graduation. You never realize how tightly you held yourself on your own leash in high school because you were so scared to be judged by everyone else. You didn’t know if it was okay to tweet that or post that picture on your Instagram because someone might judge you and have something ugly to say. I come with good news!! Absolutely none of that matters once you graduate. If you want to post nude pictures on your twitter you can. It’s not that people won’t judge you- it’s that somewhere after you graduated high school, a flip got switched and you just stopped caring what people thought. This is by far the greatest change that can happen to a person. After you graduate something will happen (I’m sure it’s a different event for everybody) but you will stop caring about other people. You’ll care for yourself. You do what you want. If you want to go eat Waffle House at 3 o’clock in the morning by yourself- you do it. Because you don’t care. This change after graduation really makes you grow up. You learn a lot about yourself and relationships you were involved in during high school and how they really don’t matter anymore. I’m sure you’ll regret not doing some things in high school, I know I did. There will be things you want to do differently but you can’t go back. It’s over with. From here on out you can only move forward. Maybe it’s just me, but since I’ve graduated high school I’ve been thriving. Focusing on myself. Loving myself. Having fun. Making friends. Making money. Making memories. Learning lots of lessons that hopefully I’ll get to share with my kids and their kids. I tweeted a few hours ago and said

Whoever said high school was the best days of your life died the day after graduation

(That’s where I got the inspiration for this post). And I believe that’s true. High school is fun, don’t get me wrong. But not even this post can prepare you for what you’re about to experience. It’s life changing, if you’ll let it be. It will shape you into a new kind of person and make you a better version of you. So if you’re reading this and struggling to make it through you’re last semester of high school, or maybe even the second semester of your sophomore year- hang on. Change is coming. Your time to thrive is just around the corner and I promise it’s the best time of your life. These are the best days. I wouldn’t change these months after high school graduation for anything.

Now some pictures of me and the things I’ve been up to since graduation…

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