My First blog

I’ve written for a long time now. Usually on the last few pages of my notebook at school or on the notes in my phone. I hide them and often never share them with anybody. But here recently someone, someone very special to me, brought it to my attention that I should share everything that I write because so many other people will relate to it. So here I am. WordPress.

It’s okay if my friends or family see my blog I guess. I’m not writing on here for anybody besides myself anyway. That’s why part of me wants to remain anonymous and the other part just doesn’t care anymore. I’m going to be writing a lot about myself. The people in my life. The things I go through. I really hope someone can read something I write one day and relate to it. But if that never happens it’s okay too because I really want this to be for me. Hopefully writing and sharing everything about me will help me become stronger, more confident. I was thinking about making this first blog all about me, but that would take the fun out of everything. Hopefully with each new blog I post someone, somewhere, whether they already know me or not, can learn something new about me. Maybe with each new blog I post I will be able to learn something new about myself. After all, who is this really for?

Until next time friends,


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